Who are The Fleming EMC?

The Fleming grows electronic music brands

The Fleming EMC is the fruition of a 5-year long journey of self-learning, discovering life, and exploring inner passions; a story which started off in Dublin and ultimately rooted into Spanish soil.

What started as a generic marketing agency 5 years ago developed into a not-so-traditional niche-focused electronic music agency.

We are seasoned ravers – or as we like to say, skilled ravers! We live in this crazy world and electronic music is our passion. Life has brought us many musical experiences, both good and bad, and all of which developed into this energetic collective; we all have different skills, but the same passion. Our ideology is based on dedication, passion, and breaking away from tradition.

We know how to develop your electronic music brand and make it profitable, and we know how to sell your brand to an electronic music audience – we are your audience!


What can we do?

We’re skilled Electronic Music Connoisseurs.

Specialised in:
Public Relations


How we do it

Step 1: Develop a solid brand

Every successful electronic music brand started off with an idea; an idea with a distinct feeling, a feeling with identity, and an artistic outing that needs addressing.

The Fleming identifies those traits and uses them as a catalyst to develop a powerful, reputable brand that will be trusted by an electronic music audience.

Step 2: Form a brand strategy

A record label has different goals to an electronic music festival; every brand needs a tailored strategy. The goal is always the same – become profitable and build a reputable electronic music brand recognised for the right reasons.

Based on where you, as a brand, want to be in 6 to 24 months, we develop a strategy including the right tools that are crucial to achieving your brand goals.

Step 3: Create content

Once the strategy has been formed, we go into creative brainstorming mode and develop a social media growth plan, a music video, or create an experience marketing campaign for a festival. It’s all up our sleeve!

This is where we build your audience, both online and offline, through niche-tailored content that appeals to an electronic music audience.

Step 4: Deliver an experience

Production mode is when we dive deep into our worldwide network of highly respected electronic music professionals. We utilise our network of influencers to get your electronic music brand in front of the right people.

Reputation is very important in the music industry; putting out the right content to the right people will make your brand credible, build a respected audience, and attract loyal fans in an organic way.

Step 5: Measure, adapt and improve

Every action needs a reaction; we constantly learn and improve upon whatever we do.

The music industry is constantly evolving, technologies are advancing every minute, and brands need to constantly keep up with those trends. We’re here to inject this knowledge into your brand and utilise it for the greater good, making your brand profitable and delivering a happy ROI.

“The Only Constant In Life Is Change” – Heraclitus (Greek Philosopher)

We can help!

We are currently accepting electronic music brands that are looking to accelerate the growth of their brand internationally.

If you have a project that you want to get started or need our support click the “Drop us an email” button below and tell us more about your brand, current struggles and goals. We will get back to you once we reviewed your email with our connoisseur team and support the best we can. Talk soon!


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