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Deysa Djane – Romania’s answer to soul healing techno

Romanian artists are taking over the underground scene worldwide, little by little, they are known for their authentic micro-house sound that is loved by electronic music connoisseurs all over the world.

We would like to share with you our second EMC Story about Deysa Djane, a Bucharest native artist on a musical journey, discovering her place in the electronic music world. She developed her unique techno sound that is different from the usual Romanian sound, it has an ethereal vibe to it that will satisfy minimal techno lovers.

The Fleming EMC: We understand that as a child you were highly inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre because your father is a big fan of him. We know Jean-Michel as the legendary French composer & pioneer in electronic music and especially new wave.

Why did you see him as an inspiration as a child & which track or album made the biggest impression on you?

Deysa Djane: The music of Jean Michel-Jarre was my first inspiration!

I was a baby when I started listening to his music, My dad called his music a “space symphony”. The fact that his style was totally different from what I ever heard, the sounds seemed to come from another world and made me see music from another perspective and like it very much. When I’m making music, I like to play with the sounds and create something spatial.

My favourite album of Jean Michel-Jarre is Oxygene.The release date of this album was in 1976. Oxygene 2 and Oxygene 4 have something special for me and I don’t know why. This album is a journey into the world of sounds outside this world and in the future, I would love to make a remix of one of his tracks one day. I’m very curious what can come out of it, his space sounds combined with my vision.

*Oxygène is the third studio album by Jean Michele Jare and Oxygène consists of six tracks, numbered simply “Oxygène Part I” to “Part VI”. Listen to this legendary album from 1976 below:

The Fleming EMC: We feel confident to say you deserve a spot in the Romanian underground. You are the founder of Underground Romanian Sound (radio station) while you got into DJing during your ‘Friday Fever” show at Radio DEEA. The electronic music industry in Romania is boasting with talent and we are sure the radio stations have a big influence on that.

Tell us something about your radio experience?

Deysa Djane: My first real contact with electronic music and DJing was at Radio DEEA.

There I learned the electronic music genres, because I didn’t know how to distinguish them very well at that time my sets were chaotic, but people listened to me every Friday. I learned to mix looking looking at my colleagues. At that time I was in high school and on Friday it was always a pleasure leaving class, went home to prepare for the show and listen to music, then ran to the radio where I had two weekly live shows.  My radio show was called “Friday Fever with Deysa”.  It always was a party in the studio!

After finishing my live shows I started mixing at events with well known DJ’s such as Dj Optick, Adrian Eftimie, Pagal and other artists. I also had a weekly radio show on 06 AM Ibiza Underground, HFM Radio Romania and Trance Family Belgium (ssssh, that’s a secret – I have another personality and alias who loves Trance music: DeNa loves 140 BPM baby!)

In the present I have a weekly Techno radio show at Scientific Sound Asia, every Wednesday from 20 to 22 pm (GMT +2)/ Thursday from 4 to 6 PM (ICT). I will also have a weekly radio show on Ibiza Global Radio, more details coming soon. 

The Fleming EMC: Talking about Romania, who are your favourite artists at the moment? Any new track you would like to share with us fellow electronic music connoisseurs?

Deysa Djane: Romania has a long list of talented artists, a few of my favourite would be: Simina Grigoriu, Raresh, Rhadoo, Barac, Livio & Roby, The Model, Nu Zau, Nusha.

Nusha has a new track called “Equality” which I very much like (shared below)!  I respect every artist who is working on their dreams and never forgets their true origins. Proud to have shared the stage with lots of talented Romanian DJ’s!

The Fleming EMC: We asked you which artists had a big influence on your growth & development as an electronic music artist. You named Boris Brejcha, the German artist who claimed to have created his own music style “hightech Minimal”, and Sardinian artist Dusty Kid, both are classically trained musicians and approach electronic music differently.

Explain to us your choices. What attracts you in those artists and how have they influenced your growth as an electronic music DJ & Producer?

Deysa Djane: There are a lot of DJs and producers who I really appreciate, but most of all I feel like resonating with Boris and Dusty. 

Boris Brejcha has a warrior energy, a unique style on music. Dusty Kid has a healing energy, magician, he likes to play with frequencies, sounds and harmonies. Both feel like they are on the same frequency with me and I find myself in their music entirely. I always play their tracks with the greatest pleasure.

Yes, I can say that they both had an influence on me, because I trusted myself to create what I feel without thinking about success. To be who I am for real. I’m proud because I played at the same event with Boris! It was one of the most beautiful moments in my artist career.

"Boris Brejcha has a warrior energy, a unique style on music. Dusty Kid has a healing energy, magician, he likes to play with frequencies, sounds and harmonies. Both feel like they are on the same frequency with me and I find myself in their music entirely."

The Fleming EMC: You are working on your first music productions at the moment (Thanks for letting us have a sneaky listen), it’s a big step going from a DJ to a producer but for most electronic music artists a natural step that comes with time and experience.

Tell us a bit more about your upcoming EP and who your all-time favourite labels are 🙂

Deysa Djane: Very soon I will release an E.P. at Kuukou Records and another at Subwoofer Records.

I’m so excited about this, because those are record labels I wanted to release on. I waited for this moment a very long time, but this year I felt the time had come. After many hours of studying, listening to music, mixing in clubs and festivals, I had to express myself through my music in order to be closer to the souls of people listening to me. My favourite labels where I would like to release on would be Fckng Serious, Suara, Drumcode and Filth on Acid

But I have big plans to get where I want and nobody can stop me! If you work a lot and put your soul into what you do, you will succeed.

Below is the first ever #EMCStories DJ set, recorded by Deysa Djane for the occasion. EMC Stories is a new platform for non-commercial electronic music brands developed by The Fleming EMC. Proud to have Deysa as our first artist. Enjoy a one-hour journey into ethereal techno sounds with a minimal twist.

The Fleming EMC would like to thank the following people for their contribution and time spent on our Q&A:

Deysa Djane

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