EMC Reviews: Eris Drew drops Fluids of Emotion EP with the US-based Interdimensional Transmissions record label

Chicago-based DJ and producer Eris Drew releases her first full solo EP titled “Fluids of Emotion” with Interdimensional Transmissions record label, bringing forward three mind-bending tracks designed with house, acid, breakbeat and proto-rave elements.

Chicago-based DJ and producer Eris Drew releases her first full solo EP titled “Fluids of Emotion” with Interdimensional Transmissions record label, bringing forward three mind-bending tracks designed with house, acid, breakbeat and proto-rave elements.

Channeling the powerful energies of rave and love concentrated into a fundamental primordial pulsation called “The Motherbeat” by the artist, the album was recorded at her parent’s house in Chicago and mixed at Interdimensional Laboratories in Detroit.

Founded in 1995 by Brendan M. Gillen aka BMG, well-known for being a part of Ectomorph, Interdimensional Transmissions collaborated with a lot of artists throughout time while also organising numerous events and running an extensive podcast series.

Their discography history includes amazing materials from the likes of Roman Flügel, Spencer Parker, The Hacker, G. D. Luxxe, Erika Sherman, Perspects, Derek Plaslaiko, Jasen Loveland and Patrick Russell, to name only a few, as well as several Various Artists compilations that capture a distinct electronic sound that can easily be classified as a cult classic in the contemporary context.

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‘With more than 20 years of intense activity in the underground scene, Eris’ creativity, distinct technique and strong connection with the planet’s conscious rhythm or “The Motherbeat” sent her on the path of becoming a beacon for the trans ecstatic dance and psychedelic rave culture in the United States and beyond.’

Aside from her residency at Chicago’s Smart Bar and frequent performances at Bunker New York, her breakthrough came in 2018 after recording an astonishing set for Resident Advisor, exposing her to a worldwide audience and making her bookings calendar packed with events all over the world. In the same year she released “Devotion EP” with the Portuguese record label Naive alongside her loving partner Octo Octa, whit whom she also unleashed powerfull vibrtions for Boiler Room next year, making them the number 1 pick for Mixmag’s 2019 Top 10 DJs Of The Year.

Subsequently, they founded T4T LUV NRG record label where “Raving Disco Breaks Vol. 1” mixtape by Eris and “Resonant Body” LP by Octo Octa have been so far released, with more to follow for sure.

Time to enjoy a preview of “Fluids of Emotion EP” and explore the three tracks in more depth:

Opening Side A, the title track “Fluids of Emotion” reveals a dynamic and organic blend of raw breakbeat percussive elements and house-infused synth layers, all backed-up by swinging arrangements, a very deep and funky bassline as well as mesmerising effects and transitions. The vinyl cutting and pitch manipulations add a classic touch to the whole journey while the spoken-word mantras subtly explore the meaning behind the whole EP.

Following, “Transcendental Acces Point” introduces to a more melodic yet uplifting sound where reverberations provide a warm feeling throughout and a sample from ethnobotanist Kathleen Harrison’s trip on DMT helps with building tension. With the track being produced by Eris experiencing daily mushroom-induced trips for two weeks while composing, we can easily understand her passion for what she’s doing and how she naturally expresses herself through music.

The B Side is reserved for “So Much Love To Give”, a stunning piece of composition that evokes the old-school rave and trance scene by its elegant use of vocal samples from The KLF along with inspiring manipulation of the MPC 2000 XL and turntables. The rhythm switches abruptly from intense straight drumming sequences to more spacious and colourful moments only to end with bird chirpings, just like a good party would.

The EP manages to capture a perfect image of what dance and emotions can sound and feel like from a dancefloor perspective, with the one who undergoes this kind of an experience transcending to a higher state of mind. This approach to recording acid house is deffinetly unique and refreshing, being a solid statement for a worldwide scene that’s always changing and evolving while moving back and forth in time in order to provide the vibes. “Fluids of Emotion EP” stands as a must-have collectable for eclectic electronic music selectors and enthusiasts alike.

Watch Eris B2B Octo Octa in this extrinsic DJ Set at Sugar Mountain (Boiler Room):

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Eris Drew – Fluids of Emotion EP / Interdimensional Transmissions / IT 44

Released 14 February on Vinyl & Digital.

Facebook: ErisDrewArtistPage
Bandcamp : erisdrew.bandcamp.com

Facebook: interdimensionaltransmissions
Website: interdimensionaltransmissions.com


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