“Putting the ‘Electronic’ in Press Kit – Administrative Essentials for the Modern-Day Artist.”

Whether you consider yourself as a DJ, Producer or simply an Artist, the chances are that you are already accessible online via a multitude of different platforms. From social media to streaming services, Facebook and Instagram to Soundcloud and YouTube, there is a seemingly boundless amount of outward-facing places to position yourself that add to that common goal of increasing your profile on a global scale.

While it may seem a necessity to set up accounts for your music profile on as many platforms as possible, it’s just as important that people can get a feel for what you’re about when they arrive there. One thing that is commonly overlooked by many is the importance of a Press Kit.

"“In the music industry the first impression is all that counts, if at that time you are not able to present yourself in a serious and professional manner, people will not take you serious”."
The Fleming EMC

Tailored made designs for artists who are serious about their brand!

Whether or not you realise it, if you have an artist profile on any of the platforms mentioned earlier then somebody, at some point, has wanted to know more about you. From fans, to record labels, other artists and even promoters; having an informative, up-to-date Press Kit can be the difference between people taking you seriously or just losing you in the crowd.

Moreover, a simple Press Kit can only carry you so far. If you want to stand apart from the masses then an Electronic Press Kit, or EPK for short, is an absolute necessity. Where a simple Press Kit is just a factual base, often a combination of folders and files, an EPK draws a completely different visually-focussed line.

An EPK is a one-page electronic document, which essentially amalgamates all aspects of your Press Kit into one interactive and insightful place. An Electronic Press Kit gives the outside world an insight into you as a brand and helps people get acquainted with the very essence of what makes you who you are as an artist – along with all the vital information provided within your Press Kit in one simple to read and purposeful format.

Electronic Press Kits come in all shapes and sizes, but the most important thing to consider is that they are also a physical representation of yourself. Anybody can make a Press Kit, but the best results often come from entrusting those with a strong background in Music PR and Copywriting

We pride ourselves on an ever-increasing wealth of experience, working with a multitude of artists from a plethora of electronic music genres – based around the globe. Our combined understanding of creative and literature enables us to build an accurate representation of our clients, aided by clear, simple 1-2-1 communication and input from both parties.

If you are venturing out into the dance industry but don’t have a Press Kit or even an Artist Biography, get in touch today.

We will endeavour to help you take that next step towards becoming an established artist, armed with a professional Electronic Press Kit and all of its components.


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Not too bad being locked down with @djannamiranda during the #coronapocolypse 😀 https://t.co/TFiE5CyHeD
ANNA @djannamiranda
Had a lot of fun playing from home!
We are all ONE but most of us don’t realize that and this situation is forcing us to act as one We have to do this together, otherwise it wont work Try to stay home and don’t leave, unless you really need to, for water food or medical issues https://t.co/Ht3AtKIXci

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Get yourself a Corona beer and start producing.😄


Lots of love to #Bandcamp for giving the good example during those harsh and uncertain times.

#Giveback #COVID19 https://t.co/oZtgYx1UOS
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bandcamp @Bandcamp
To support musicians during the Covid-19 pandemic, Bandcamp is waiving our revenue share on all sales this Friday, March 20, from midnight to midnight PST.

Read more here: https://t.co/hPhgm7WBR4 https://t.co/HDyjdvBQet

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