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Medusa Outdoor invites Berlin artist Black Lotus for her first performance in Belgium.

Belgians are spoiled with munchie food, 12% strong beers and peeing statues, a real treat for most of us (except for Manneken Pis)!

However that’s not the best about Belgium (at least not for us), but it’s the incredibly active electronic music scene, the country is gifted with talented artists, music festivals and legendary record labels (R&S Records)!

On the national holiday of Belgium the 21 July a hidden gem day-festival takes place in the countryside of Belgium, a gathering of like-minded people who synchronise on the beats and dance away for 10 hours enjoying the lovely grounds of the country-farm.

Medusa outdoor celebrates 5 years & has prepared two outdoor stages:

TEKUNO TEMPLE {Outside the beautiful garden of a castle farm with swimming pool}:

 Black Lotus DE
(FLASH Recordings, Griessmuehle, KitKat Club, Suicide Circus)

(Kompass Klub, Abstrkt, 1988)

 Michael Forzza
(Medusa, Figure Music, Teknoville, King Kong)

(Medusa, Blackbeard Rec, Night & Day Ibiza Music)

 Lady Shron
(Club Sondag, Donder)


SAKURA GARDEN {Outside Japanese Cherry Blossom area in garden):

Laura Zamrowski FR
Partners in Crime, Jewel Nights)

(Donder, Thé Dansant, Flamboyant)

Wess Vida
Rotationz, 94 Records, Beachgrooves)


Lowie Wood
Delicious Deep)

Donder, Safe House, District 8)


The Fleming EMC: Medusa Outdoor will be your first visit to Belgium. What do you think of the techno industry in Belgium and have you played tracks before from Belgian producers?

Black Lotus: Yes, it’s my first time in Belgium.

I really like how Belgian artists express themselves and how it’s perceived by people worldwide. Especially Brussels is known for being a place of creation, freedom and cultural variety. I feel honoured to play in such a surrounding.

Yes I play a lot of tracks from Belgian techno artists. One of my favorites is A. Brehme and his imprint “Sonata Forma”. His skills in DJing and production are outstanding and a huge influence since many years. Also Kr!z and his label TOKEN, as well as Peter van Hoesen, shaped my understanding of music quiet strongly. Extremely talented artists who know how to please minds like mine.

*As electronic music connoisseurs we’d like to share with you one of our favourite tracks from A.Brehme, a Belgian artist from Brussels who is shaping the Techno scene strongly with his distinct releases! Enjoy

The Fleming EMC: As brand experts and marketers we are wondering how the name “Black Lotus” came into existence. Is there any relation with the Lotus flower or what exactly does your artist name mean for you?

Black Lotus: The name Black Lotus derives from my time in China, where I used to live for over a year in 2014.

As it’s quite common for Chinese citizens to choose western names the moment they go abroad for studies or work, I thought ‘why not doing the same’ and asked family and friends what Chinese name could suit me the best. As my taste tends to be dark and my spirit reflects the lotus flower – 黑莲 (English: ‘Black Lotus’) – came up. I loved it instantly, and still do, so I decided to keep it.

Image Image

The Fleming EMC: We are curious how you developed your relentless, expressionistic, intense and yet hypnotic style? How did you polish your technique and what would you recommend to young artist looking to developing their own imprint in the electronic music industry?

Black Lotus: The best answer here would be: that’s just me. I’m very intuitive, energetic and intense. At times also pretty impulsive. I love to express myself through everything possible – best way was always art. So my music, paintings, designs, photographs, fashion – my creations in general – are always a perfect mirror of my person at that very moment.

What I can recommend to all aspiring artists is to stay true to yourself and to do what you love, rather than to try to fit into ‘boxes’. Always dream big and most important: be patient – that helped me a lot.

"I also like to say that the art chose me. It wasn’t a choice to become an artist – it’s a calling. There was no way out."

The Fleming EMC: Tell us something about your music production process for your latest two EP’s. Which production tools have you used and how did you feel going into that creative mode and produce your first two EP’s on Berlin based label Flash Recordings?

Black Lotus: For my last EP´s I used my analog machines – the Moog Voyager XL, the Roland TB-303 & TR-09, Doepfer´s synthesizer Dark Energy II and the Ableton Push II to control the last bits in the software. I recorded countless live jams over the months, which happened out of pure joy – just messing around and learning how the gear works and interacts with me – and eventually selected the parts I later released on “Resilience” and “Totality”.

Flash Recordings has always been a big influence. The label was very prominent among the first vinyl records I ever bought. Amazing selection of artists and so versatile in the output. A perfect example is “8 Bit Romance” – Radio Slave´s Deepest Space Remix.

Florian Meindl has a very good sense of what alters the mind in the right way. Strong, dominant and effective, yet smooth to digest. Beautiful memories from so many dancefloors. When someone somewhere plays “Forget the World”, I can’t stand still.

Releasing my first records on that label means therefore indescribable lot to me. It was a game changer – and I am proud to be part of the FLASH family.

The Fleming EMC: The Medusa team is very excited to receive you at their Asian Garden theme party, this yearly event offers an intimate approach to clubbing, surrounded by a lovely country farm the peoples energy during that day is incredible.

We know you lived in Asia for a few years in the past, could you give us some inspiration or ideas as to what would make this event a genuine themed Asian Party for all of us?

Black Lotus: First of all, this is a personal statement!

A culture is not a costume. If we are completely honest with ourselves, surely many of us have already worn such a disguise before. People love to express themselves and as long as since our childhood we like to slip into different roles. 

But it would be easy if we never questioned our own thinking patterns and did not try to change them. In many cases we are not aware of privileges such as origin, skin color, etc. – so it can happen that we act insensitive. Ethnic costumes can convey and reproduce racist stereotypes and some costumes have a lot to do with imperialism and colonialism.

However, to answer your question, I think the most important task is to reflect and respect the history of that particular culture. 

As long as we know that other people are often excluded and discriminated precisely because of their symbols and garments – we are wearing for fun – we can act responsibly. My point is not that I want to spoil anyone’s fun at the festival – rather, I want to put light onto this topic and ask everybody to be aware and to do good research before dressing up in a theme.

Thank you for this interview. I heard a lot of good stuff about your events and am looking very forward! See you next week!

The Fleming EMC would like to thank the following people for their contribution and time spent on our Q&A:

Medusa Outdoor

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